XXXLutz opens central warehouse in Zurndorf

XXXLutz's new central warehouse in Zurndorf near Vienna is about to be completed and will be in use from December 2020. With an investment of around EUR 60 million, the retail giant has created around 120,000 qm of storage space here; due to stackability, the total storage space of the building will amount to 290,000 qm .

The work was carried out in close coordination with the Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments, as finds from Roman times were secured on the property at an early stage. In addition to many small finds, a Roman villa with partially preserved underfloor heating was uncovered.

A 3000 qm photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the warehouse will cover the requirements of the entire site, surplus energy will be fed into the grid. Up to 320 new jobs will be created here.

Photo: (c) XXXLutz KG

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