Sartirana Textile Show (Turin, Italy) from 21 - 25 October

The Sartirana Textile Show is recognised as one of the most important European fairs for textile art and antique carpets; every year, renowned exhibitors display their textile treasures here. The fair takes its name from the original venue south of Milan. However, the sixteenth Sartirana Textile Show will again take place in Turin, as it did last year.

At the Sartirana Textile Show, 20 selected Italian and international dealers will exhibit antique carpets and textiles. The carpet fair is held in cooperation with and at the same time as the art and antiques fair Apart Fair Torino. Further information can be found on the website of the organiser:

Tapestry (Flanders, Brussels), ca. 1580. Exhibited by Franco Dell'Orto / Italy

Photo: Franco Dell'Orto

Italian Peasant rug, 18th centruy. Exhibited by Alberto Boralevi / Italy

Photo: Alberto Boralevi

Daghestan Prayer Rug, early 19th century, Ferdinand Erblich collection. Exhibited by David Sorgato / Italy

Photo: David Sorgato

Gabbeh, ca. 1920. Exhibited by Mohammad Tehrani / Germany

Photo: Mohammad Tehrani

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