New reference book: Orienteppich Kompass – Everything beginners need to know

Aktualisiert: Mai 5

What distinguishes a symmetrical knot from an asymmetrical knot? How do I recognise a Kashan or a Kirman? And what was a Nimbaft again?

Anyone seeking orientation in the big world of handmade traditional carpets needs an accurate compass. SN-Verlag, publisher of the trade magazine Carpet! Magazine, has published exactly that: The German-language Orientteppich Kompass guides the reader from Morocco in the west to China in the east, from the Persian Abadeh to the Ziegler carpet. It explains basic terms clearly and graphically: the different knot types and how to count them, but also flat weaving techniques from kilim to soumak.

The main part of the book is devoted to the presentation of the numerous carpet provenances. The index comprises about 400 main provinces and sub-proveniences, of which the 91 most important are presented in detail. Each one is represented with detailed information on its origin, formats, patterns and its special features – and with at least one full-page picture of a particularly expressive example. Leafing through the book is fun – for beginners and experts alike.

Further information and a reader's sample can be found at:

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